About Sessions

What is Sessions?


We believe music should facilitate and promote other creative endeavors, even fiber art, coding, interpretive dance, etc. You name it, Sessions is open for anyone to bring their creative work to the table. We would love to see what you do and showcase it on the Sessions hangout or host your work on our live stream

Sessions is an experiment in listener engagement and collaboration. It will involve the contribution of fans and artists alike. Sessions aims to be a collaborative commons template for anyone to use and improve on.

Sessions will utilize many different tools, platforms and technologies to engage people in an open collaboration experiment. The idea is to create a fluid and unhindered creative flow with as many people as possible.


Like any experiment it will involve a lot of trial and error and nothing is guaranteed. The idea is to decentralize the production and promotion process of creative work. It will take some time to see this play out but considering the tools we now have at our disposal, most of this process can be automated and rewarding for artists and fans alike.

Stay tuned, this experiment is going to be fun!



What Sessions is:

Sessions aims to educate about why people create, the importance of it, and to ensure anyone can be a part of it, regardless of who they are.

Sessions is an experiment intended to encourage people to create and collaborate.

Sessions is a template that will utilize emerging technology, tools, and ideas into a continually evolving platform.

Sessions uses open source tools to construct the collaboration experiment under a Creative Commons license.

What Sessions is not:

Sessions is not a business, it's a collaboratively lead project.

Sessions is not owned by anyone and is going to grow organically

Sessions is not a cult... Yet


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